LibertyTearsCloseLiberty Tears is my response to the state of democracy right now. I’m saddened by the current low ebb in the political arena. This is the very first time I have been moved to express my feelings about what is going on in the world. I made a decision early in my life to leave what I saw as an oppressive past, the baggage of my parents generation – and came to North America in no small part because of the promise engraved at the base of this statue. Before printing this image on the 10 by 12″ size paper I’d thought this would be a good way to show you what letterpress printing is all about – by making a coaster set. Well, here it is! So lets wake up, realize that we all have a part to play in saving and re-invigorating democracy in a way that suits us, before it is too late. LibertyYearsOffPressThe eight coaster set is $24, and you are supporting the freedom of the press in the most direct way possible: By supporting an independent artist and printer!

Here is the coaster right on the hundred year old press I use to print my work.