Hi, my name is Hugo, and I make art by a very laborious process starting with a pencil sketch – and letterpress printing the final result. If it were easy everybody could do it. And almost as a byproduct, it also gives you something special and unique to put on your walls. I sketch every day, from wildlife to landscape, people, faces and various levels of abstraction. I’ve even done a number of swearwords in response to some ass breaking into my truck and stealing a years worth of sketches last Christmas.


Liberty Tears image to generate the copper engraving

In this case – while I feel strong about the subject – the art that I created – I’m not at all certain if enough of you will like the final result. It is for this reason that I plan to offer this print via Kickstarter by pre-order only. (This is in contrast to the normal process where next year sometime I evaluate and redraw the worthy sketches to create a copper engraving).
I’m an artist, a bystander, so I interpret things. Who am I to even comment on what you did with your recent election? That will be covered over the next few months, maybe years even, by people much better with words than I am. Rather, I draw your attention, your focus, your appreciation to the beauty, the strength, the promise – and the hope embodied in the gift that is your Statue of Liberty. I have admired the stature for a lifetime. Much as people all over the world have envied your way of life, your opportunities and freedoms.
I offer this artwork, the result of my style and way of seeing things, as a daily reminder that every one of us has an obligation to do our best to keep these liberties, not to give up hope – to stand tall against bullies, lies, ignorance and manipulation, to improve our world rather than bend our back under intimidation.
Put this gorgeous letterpress print in your home, at a place where you can be reminded daily – to carry on, remind you of the strength, the resolve in the face of adversity – that you are capable of. And in a few years I’d like to revisit this topic in a different way. Until then please share this message with all your friends.  Your very liberty may depend on it! Click on my face to the right if you want to reserve one!