If you have ever hesitated in the doorway of gallery – you are not alone! If the attitude and snobbery by the guardians of fine art is off-putting to you – imagine trying to get them to look at some new art – especially art created by such pedestrian process as print! My art s not made to be sold so much as, I make it to share. You will discover I portray a Western Canadian point of view, but with an awareness of a larger world. Well that is simple, Western Canada is my chosen place. I was not borne into it, I searched it out – on purpose. So my art is who I am, quite straight forard I hope, with a rough edge of the underground. I don’t care for the pretentious nincompoops protecting the galleries and “explaining” idiotic ideas like Duchamps tilted over urinal parading as art. Don’t get me started, maybe you can appreciate most of Andy Warhols work created in his Art Factory would never see the light of day today – because of copyright infringement. Taking other peoples photos, mechanically enlarging, repeating them and selectively washing paint over them – well that sort of work had a small window in time when photopcopier technology was still quite new. But the art literati are still gaga over his badly produced silkscreen pints fourty years later. My art is ground in craftsmanship and quality, I want my work to be good for hundreds of years. Not interested in having my name in the news because my work is falling apart, like Pollock’s.

My work thrives on elegant lines – as sometimes also found in superb tattoos. My art thrives on being expressive and if it is influential will depend on you – because I’m quite comfortable in the underground. I could not give shit less to create art clammering for admiration. My art does not ask for permission, it asks you to have an opinion. Art byHugo.

image of letterpress artwork from the Gyrfalcon Series "Steep Turn"

Steep Turn, right off the press – before hand colouring

You know about the slow food movement, but did you realize there is a slow art movement? Well I’m a champion of it! I take weeks sometimes to get my pencil sketch just right. After that I close the book on it for about a year, when I’m no longer so attached to the work. Then, after the year has passed, I evaluate and choose the pieces worthy for print. I redraw each of the chosen sketches in Illustrator software to come up with a file so that I can have a relief engraving made. Using the most gorgeous 100% cotton paper available, I then print with the most stable ink known to mankind – the same way it was done five-hundred years ago.

So I straddle the world of steam-engine-era print technology on the one side, and contemporary art on the other. My press was patented April 12, 1887, a hulk of 3000 pounds of cast iron and steel, and it’s driven by a 2015 modern electronics variable speed drive to make it safe for me to operate. I use a pencil to create my art, a computer to refine it and the internet to pass the information on to the relief plate maker who makes the plate just like in the 1800s, but with ultra modern equipment that has zero environmental discharge.

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Thank you for you interest,