How It’s Made

Western Canadian Handcrafted Original Letterpress Art.

I’m really glad to find you are interested in art, and in letterpress! The road of discovery to what you see here has been about 15 years for me (am I a slow learner or what?). Little by little I learned that letterpress printing is superbly suited to making the most from my pencil sketches. Converting the sketched pencil lines, via some in between tools, into deep-relief copper engravings allows me to use my nearly 100 year old Chandler & Price letterpress to print my own art! More than twenty tons of pressure produce the deep impression relief prints. If you see something you like or appreciate in my work, I’d love to hear from you. Because I see art as an opportunity to have a conversation, and share – if you see me sketching at one of our local coffee houses here in Calgary, feel free to talk to me! Go ahead and click on my face at the right to sign on to the Letterpress Art Insider, my restricted monthly message to you – where you find out about how to order the next months print at great savings, background about my work and sometimes even answers to your questions. If you like to know more about my art work, click here. Oh, and feel free to click on the picture below, to get a better look at the print quality and impression! I arranged the original sketch, the copper engraving and the final print together to show you how the work comes about. But whatever you question or interest – feel free to ask!

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