As an introduction to my work, there are a number of coaster sets available. You need to be subscribed to my Letterpress Insider monthly newsletter to find out what’s coming up. Each set contains eight 4″ by 4″ coasters and is only $20!

I print my letterpress art prints on 300gsm (about 1/16″ thick) snow white, 100% cotton paper.
The paper size is 10″ wide by 12″ tall, so there are lots of frames that will fit.
The relief engraving area itself measures 5″ by 5″.

Each signed, hand coloured print comes in a clear pouch for $78.00.

Each signed, single coloured print comes in a clear pouch for $48.00.

The prints are shipped flat.

Please email me for print availability (click on my face to the right). I do not print to order (no-one wants to wait for the long delivery involved, the paper needs to be humidified to be able to take the heavy imprint, printed, dried, and then the paper needs to be re-stabilized to normal – without warping, all a lengthy – several weeks long process). Really, your best bet is to subscribe to the monthly Letterpress Art Insider and order the upcoming pre-print edition at considerable savings. It helps me gauge the interest, and size the print run accordingly, with the current cost of cotton stock I can’t afford to become a print warehouse.

Transactions at this time via email and PayPal.