Rapture, hand coloured letterpress print.

Likely not a great surprise that my work is all about the lines. The curvature, the acceleration, the relaxation and multiple purposes of each. And to use as few as possible to convey the elegance, the beauty of the subject. The lines are all about connection, interconnection to the whole. Notice in this period I had a lot of lines leaving the frame, the page. Lines that connect, go unseen to emerge in surprising places. Its something that I feel stronger about as I get older, this interconnection between all in the world. We have, with the advance of knowledge in the last couple of hundred years figured out a lot of detail. But it has come at the cost of loosing overview. There are a lot of specialists who can tell you to the molecular and atomic level what is going on in their field. But when it comes to how their stuff is affecting some not so far removed other specialty we have seen some rather embarrassing mistakes made. With the larger questions we are all facing today, we need to get better at that. My work in the last few years has moved from the sort of work you see here to single line artwork. Where one single line is used to complete the subject on the page. Its a real challenge, puzzle and it offers an endless opportunity for refinement and variation. Kind of like the big questions of our life, and how we in our own daily life can have an effect on them by the decisions we make. We just have to pay better attention.