Here is the second of the Gyrfalcon print series. It is titled “Reach” as the bird is reaching skyward in this image, grabbing air working to gain height. The reaching up motion seems quite severe here, but when watching the bird the wing motion looked effortless. There is this pendulous movement, up and down – and at the same time a bit side to side, barely avoiding the tops of small trees and bushes – flying along about six, seven feet off the ground. When I was observing, about 200 yards away, there was almost an explosion of feathers as the graceful forward movement was suddenly diverted directly downward! Whatever it was – was lucky, because she came up empty. I say she – I really don’t know. It took long enough to determine that it was a gyrfalcon.

Oh, and while I am showing you these prints as I get them ready – there is no need for you to wait until all four are ready before you buy one, or a set. For the digital version, if you order now I can still supply you a set of matching edition numbers. Interesting aside: I am just producing 200 of each Limited Edition, enough of these for one to go to each country in the world! They claim there are 196 countries in the world now. (Source: Get yours before I run out!

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