It has been a long journey, but the goal is in sight: After some setbacks the big press, Olivia is back together. She has been turned over by hand to calibrate with regular weight cotton paper. Then a couple of weeks ago I finally got some samples of the really heavy cotton paper I want to use, and re-calibrated the press for the 220 lbs paper.  Got a few promising prints by rolling her over by hand (gets tiring real quick with the seven turns of the 150 lbs flywheel required for one cycle). Now I’m working out a humidor design that will be workable near the press, to get the humidity of the paper right so that the impression meets my expectation (and does no damage to the paper structure).

I started this journey to produce something truly remarkable from my artwork – I and I can almost taste it I’m getting so close. The press is ready, the paper is there, and the shipment of relief printing ink just got delivered. Now I’ve got to get 22oV into the area (just got that part done) and hook up the new VFD and motor, and then finally you will be able to get your hands on some of my work.