Here is a picture of the “Steep Turn” letterpress print fresh off the press. Just look at the deep impression left by the copper die. After this, the thick cotton paper needs to stabilize to normal humidity for about a week before I can do the hand colouring to complete the work. This type of work is starting to get rare, I’m sure it will disappear within a generation. There are now just a handful engravers left across North America, where you can get the sort of deep impression copper die I use for this work made. But just look at the luxurious way the engraving presses shapes into the paper! I never tire of following the lines and appreciating the deformed surface of the thick 100% cotton sheet.

I am excited seeing the press that I have slaved over finally produce something so beautiful and significant. This has been a long time coming, three years of rebuilding and learning to operate the machine. Converting my work to letterpress is the sort of challenge I live for. And letterpress allows me to create art that I can more easily share with more of you, it’s simply more affordable. For me that’s where it is at, sharing more and having more conversations with more of you.

And here is the completed printers proof ready to go into a frame.