Secondary Title: The Barista Set, Backstory

A few years ago, it was the week before Christmas, some asshole bust the window in my vehicle and stole my sketchbook satchel (which in itself was maddening as it was a Christmas present from the year before). Nine months of my daily sketches gone. I was so mad, I could no longer sketch. So, eventually I did what I always do when something bothers me enough – I sketch it. Eventually the various baristas in the coffeeshops where I do most of my work, insisted I let them have a look (until the I was pretty tight about them). Was I ever surprised about their response! I had no idea about how many people go to these places that I consider my refuge, places of art and reflection – solely for the purpose of giving baristas a hard time. Some of these words are direct instructions from them. They are the words they reserve for you, if you are an ass about your order!

The Barista Set, 8 in a brown paper bag.