If you appreciate the art of letterpress, you likely know about the gorgeous quality of the 100% cotton paper that is required for letterpress work. Paper that is becoming way too expensive for normal use, and is reserved for special occasions like weddings or special announcements. But don’t you agree, that art created from scratch, because something demanded my attention, is a special occasion? Come to think of it, every time a sketch works out really well, and I decide to get a printing plate made – is that not a special occasion? Especially when I get the chance to share it with you. I consider that a very special occasion!

"Buffalo Living On", Letterpress print fresh off the press.I am offering you a monthly newsletter, called the Letterpress Art Insider, it is the only promotion I do, and the only means by which you can get a deal on my work. It gives you some background on my process, the equipment and materials. And as I am writing a bit more, also some of the background on how the image came about
Occasionally there will be special projects that you can take part in, again at great savings. Things the rest of the world will only find out about once the goods are on the shelf. I consider the support I get from you, my fans, my appreciators and collectors a privilege that I want to make sure to reward.

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