If you are interested and motivated by Jordan Peterson’s lectures about “Setting Up Your Room” (a better restatement of “Clean Up Your Room”), you might find it worth mentioning that I too have been deeply influenced by his research and willingness to share. Without having been able to put it into words, I have been creating my work for going on twenty years. That is the whole point, if I could write better than create art, I would. The principles, influences, constraints I have set for myself – the quality and craftsmanship I dedicate toward making it the best it can be. All of that is created in the spirit that Mr. Peterson advocates. He has helped me to understand. And from that point of view I’m happy to share my work with you to make your place more beautiful and representative of what you value.

Yes, there needs to be some sacrifice on your part. But lets face it, my work does not cost an arm and a leg. And since the only place you can get it is here, means you are not paying some gallery or intermediary. My work is created from a point of view of the outsider – at many levels. Find out more by signing up to “The byHugo Art Insider”.

The methods that I employ are exceedingly rare. The materials are second to none. I will give you this guarantee: If the artwork you purchase is not worth ten times what you paid by the time I die (and let me tell you – I am old) – I will give you double your money back!