It seems our world is growing less patient every year. Where years ago we would save up and lay down a months wage for a painting, that sort of long term investment no longer fits our life, our style, our surroundings. What is more important to us today is to have artwork that reflects our world view, our sense of what’s important, with an essence expressed, original, maybe even edgy. We are too impatient, to decode the meaning of a thousand of brush strokes. Of course it must be elegant, but we are also looking for something special, yet not too obvious, and well done. And it would be nice if we could change our mind, change what we want to display easily. Original art prints deserve your attention as they are a possible solution to these demands today.

If the walls in your place are pretty bare, well you’ve been way too busy. That obviously is ok while it has to be, but there comes a time when you might ask “should there not be a reward for all my hard work”? The appreciation of beauty, the subjects you enjoy, the spark and energy of original work that could grace your walls. If you look at your walls like a new acquaintance would, seeing them for the first time, do they express what you like, value, and stand for? I invite you to look at the range of my work to see if it could be a fit. There are landscape, wildlife, people, faces, and two types of purely abstract topics that are all done in a distinct style that can mix and match for infinite variety.

After working for over six years in my current, somewhat abstract line based style, I’ve come to realize my work needed something more substantial. Then, by accident during a museum visit, I discovered letterpress machinery.  You will see that this ancient  machinery does sublime justice to my line work!

Even before the economic meltdown, you must have noticed that painted artwork was mostly unaffordable – yet printed work mostly looks flat, ordinary and uninspiring. But the age-old letterpress process combined with copper relief engravings produces artwork with a difference, allows my touch to be evident. Twenty tons of pressure can’t help but make an impression.

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Right now I appreciate your patience – while the 100 day count-down to letterpress print is going on. Every day I post a sketch from one of my notebooks. You can vote, via email or twitter, to let me know which ones you like best. The twelve sketches with the most votes will get printed for the 2015 edition, starting March 2015. As soon as the twelve print runs are done, I will set up a lottery to select from the names of those of you who voted for the work. As a reward for your participation. But win or not, you have made our world a better place by your participation in keeping letterpress art alive! Sign up here.