A waiting list for art, just what you were looking for, right?  I have a dream! You are part of it. In the dream there is you, and a number of other like minded letterpress art aficionados (but not more than 200!), who have signed up to an annual program where you receive a new print every month.

This program does a lot for you, in that with no effort you obtain original hand made art, that you can collect, frame, or gift to your friends or family. Automatically. For me it makes the printing effort a bit more predictable – because I’ll print only what is ordered. And that in turn makes the prints more valuable for you. Because market theory is pretty consistent about this: The less prints there are in general circulation, the more they appreciate in value! And for the annual program your savings are even more substantial than those offered in the Letterpress Art Insider.

image of letterpress artwork from the Gyrfalcon Series "Steep Turn"
Steep Turn, printers proof, before hand colouring

This is a one way street, the waiting list will become active once there are fifty names on the list. And once there are two hundred subscriptions the door will close. When you sign up, you are assigned a number – and that is the number of print in each of the monthly letterpress art print runs you will receive. No need for hurry, but I do look forward to the day when I produce only for you, the dedicated and appreciative collector and art appreciator. It takes a personal message – click on the message link on the right – and explain that you would like to join. the subscription list.