Latest Letterpress Print Issued

Letterpress print of polar bear stepping out of the night.
Growing Awareness, fresh off the press.

Here is “Growing Awareness”, in the polar-blue ink that I was talking about in the instagram posts. Likely, since I custom mixed the ink, never to be exactly repeated. That is the joy of taking part in the pre-order print process – you get something that nobody else will ever have. Growing Awareness is also a response to the annoyingly slow progress, and our collective unwillingness to see what is happening to our world. I sketched this before Greta tried to get our leaders attention, but it embodies the same concern. There is no doubt we are causing havoc, but just like the buffalo hunters of yore, and the Japanese whale hunters today, we will likely not stop until there is no way back. Well, humanity is an arrogant lot! There is no help going to come from old people. But come on young professionals, (and those young at heart), there is a lot more all of us can do. From our own decisions of what and how we consume, to the decisions we are part of at work. I know I have underestimated my influence in the various work settings I’ve been part of over the decades. Your opinion, your words count – let them be heard. Be aware of all the ways you and your extended family, and work family, affect the world. Remember the Nurnberg Trails, “I didn’t know” was never a viable defense, our descendants want to know what we did – not what we didn’t know!

Deep impression letterpress print, done on my 1926 Chandler & Price press, like my other work (click on it to see the detail). Letterpress print of 5″ square relief engraving image on super heavy 600gsm 100% cotton paper. 10″x12″ for easy framing, can be trimmed to 10″x10″ as well). It’s $48.00 for the few pieces I have left.